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Meetings in 2022

We are currently running online meetings for members starting at 7pm. Until we are able to hold face-to-face meetings again, all our events will be held on Zoom.

In 2022, our evening meetings will take place on the second Tuesday of the month. Our evening meetings start at 7pm. Please see the schedule for further details.


Each meeting will be chaired by one Committee member in rotation who will manage the meeting and keep it running to time. In addition, virtual meetings will be hosted on Zoom by another Committee member managing the technology.

Zoom meetings will be one hour. In-person meetings will be two hours, including judging a table show and a coffee/tea break.

Structure of a Zoom meeting
  1. Introduction

  2. 5 minute talk by a member or a group discussion

  3. 20 minute presentation / interactive discussion

  4. Table show (5 minutes)

  5. Things to do this month by the group members (10 minutes)

  6. Notices by any member (5 minutes)

  7. AOB

  8. Tree advice (10 minutes

By month


no meeting this month


Tuesday 8th: hosted by Daniel/Hely

  • My favourite Bonsai book by Ian (5 minutes)

  • Introducing the £10 tree competition (Daniel)

  • Calendar of jobs for the year by the BK Committee


Tuesday 8th: hosted by Daniel/Janet

  • Great Trees of London by Daniel (5 minutes)  

  • Mosses and lichens by John Wells (tbc)


Tuesday 12th: hosted by Mark

  • My Dream Tree by Pascal (10 minutes)

  • Wiring workshop by Chris D and David (remotely)


Tuesday 10th: hosted by Chris D

  • Xx Borough tree officer (tbc)

  • No ten minute talk this month

18th-22nd: FOBBS exhibit at Chelsea Flower Show


Tuesday 14th: hosted by Hely

  • My favourite Bonsai book by Hely (10 minutes)

  • Which pot for this tree by Daniel

Saturday in June: 

  • Visit a member's garden - David K


Tuesday 12th: hosted by David

  • Flowering and fruiting trees by Christopher

4th-9th: FOBBS exhibit at Hampton Court Flower Show


Saturday in August: 

  • London tree walk by John Wells (location tbc)


Tuesday 13th: hosted by Janet

  • Great Trees of London by Daniel (10 minutes) 

  • British vs Japanese bonsai by Colin


Saturday in October: visit to Batsford Arboretum

Tuesday 11th: hosted by Daniel

  • My favourite tree by Hely (10 minutes)

  • Recording your bonsai by Janet


Tuesday 8th: hosted by Daniel

  • AGM and judging of the £10 tree competition


no meeting this month

Please note – a 2022 venue has yet to be identified.

We do hope to offer in-person meetings as soon as a venue has been confirmed and it is safe to do so.

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